Disclaimer & Warranty


SA Oxygen, its directors and/or employees are not medical doctors. All information provided on this website and other platforms such as social media and/or emails and/or any other communication platform with regard to equipment specifications and usage, is as received by our various equipment suppliers. Information provided should never be used as a substitute for the advice or services of a licensed medical practitioner.

SA Oxygen recommends that you consult your medical practitioner before purchasing and using any SA Oxygen products. You are responsible for using the products as instructed and SA Oxygen will not be responsible to you or any third party for any claim, damage, injury or loss while using a piece of equipment purchased from SA Oxygen. You are responsible for any use made of the information pertaining to the product and SA Oxygen will not be responsible for any claim, damage, injury, or loss because you relied on the information provided by SA Oxygen as medical advice. The use of any of our products or information is not intended to supplement any other products, be medicine; or to diagnose or cure any specific illnesses or conditions. Any item purchased from SA Oxygen should always be used under the guidance and advice of a registered medical health practitioner. 


SA Oxygen offers a 6 month warranty on all equipment purchases from date of delivery. The warranty includes any factory faults, both mechanical or electrical which may arise within the first 6 months from date of delivery. The warranty excludes malicious or accidental damage, operator negligence, damage as a result of electrical power surges, lightning strikes and/ or theft. 


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